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We love sharing helpful resources and caring connections, so we've created this space to help you on your healing journey.


Here you'll find: the tarot and oracle decks we use in our general readings (Amazon Affiliate links included), readers we trust and resonate with (coming soon), and other healers and guides we've personally experienced who may be of benefit to your spiritual journey. Please note that these are recommendations only; use your own intuition and discernment for your needs.  



A list of tarot and oracle decks regularly used in our readings. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but a list of the decks most-often used:


Arcanum Tarot (

Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot (

Golden Universal Tarot (
The Tarot of Sexual Magic (

The Witch's Tarot (


Angel Answers (

Chakra Insight Oracle (

The Enchanted Map (

Energy Oracle (

Healing with the Angels (

Journey of Love (

Keepers of the Light (

Lover's Oracle (

Moonology (

Romance Angels (

Whispers of Love (

Wisdom of the Oracle (

Work Your Light (

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Love Links

A list of friends who are healers and guides to help you on you spiritual journey:





Atlantean Healing is a powerful past-life energy healing modality that provides breakthrough shifts for the individual soul's journey and for divine counterparts. Kelly, founder of The Amethyst Temple, is a beautiful soul and wonderful practitioner of Atlantean Healing. Hear about our own experiences with Kelly and Atlantean Healing in our video testimonial!







If you're looking for guidane and healing from a powerful intuitive, look no further than Merkaba Molly. Working closely with the angelic realm, Molly offers tarot and oracle card readings and energy healing as well as past life regression therapy. With her gentle nature and beautifully evolved spirit, Molly's readings are an amazing source of comfort and gentle guidance for your journey! 

More coming soon!