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Tarot in Translation


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Tarot in Translation Tarot Deck:

Enhance your readings and spreads with this beautiful original Tarot deck, part of the Tarot in Translation series! With original images representing each card in the traditional Rider-Waite set, this deck of 78 cards was intuitively created in the vibration of love for your Tarot-reading journey. New to Tarot? Use this deck in tandem with the Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide or Message Decks for learning and guidance. Already intimately familiar with Tarot? Add this deck to your collection to further enhance your readings!


Now Available
Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide:
Interested in learning Tarot? The Tarot in Translation Pocket Guide is perfect for those who are just getting started on their Tarot journey! These poker-sized cards are a helpful tool in getting to know each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards and can be used as either its own starter deck or as a guide for your readings.




Tarot in Translation Message Decks

Interested in learning Tarot or deepening your Tarot practice? These message decks are perfect for novices and professionals alike!


Based on the traditional Rider-Waite set, each of the 78 cards in Tarot in Translation and Tarot in Translation: Journey of the Heart contain an intuitively channeled message to help you on your soul growth journey.


New to Tarot? These are useful starter decks in understanding the meaning of each Major and Minor Arcana. Already intimately familiar with Tarot? Pull a card for daily guidance or use in tandem with your general or relationship spreads as extra messages from Spirit.

Each deck is shrink-wrapped and comes in a colorful drawstring organza bag with charm. All message decks are infused with Reiki energy healing.

Guidebook not included.

Use your own intuition to deepen the messages in your spread.

Shipping Information:

Free shipping on US orders
Print orders will be placed on or around the 1st and 15th of each month.
Please allow up to three weeks for processing and shipping.

International Shipping: Shipping rates apply.


78 cards
Standard Smooth finish
2.75"x4.75" (70mm x 121mm - standard Tarot-sized cards)
Shrink-wrapped packaging with drawstring bag

(Disclaimer: These decks are for entertainment purposes and spiritual guidance only.

Please use your own discernment and intuition as it applies to your circumstances. Purchase of these decks is not required to take part in the 
Tarot in Translation Online Course.)


Ready to learn Tarot from the heart?  Join the course!

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